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Visit Canada

Discovering or visiting Canada for the first time? is a platform enabling assistance to persons (natural or legal) during their administrative applications relating to travel. There is no link with the Canadian government site. The fees cover the fees necessary for the 7 CAD immigration services as well as the assistance of

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Do you wish to be fully informed, the better to organise your journey? Plainly, if you wish to spend a pleasant holiday in absolute peace and avoid those nasty surprises, it is better to be prepared for any eventuality and to know the local way of life.

Travel documents: without them, there will be no journey. Like other countries, Canada has entry regulations that must be followed and customs checks are strict.

The former VISA system has now been abolished for air travelers. Make way for the Canada ETA programme!

You must have this authorisation before your departure, because it is one of the admission formalities required by the government. Thanks to this new system the risk of identity theft is minimised, since if Canada authorises your entry, it is because you have already completed an ETA application as required.

It is compulsory for ETA authorisation requests to be made on-line. To avoid possible mistakes, you are advised to submit your documentation no later than 4 days prior to boarding your plane. The Canadian immigration service  will study your documentation carefully and get back to you asap, generally no later than 72 hours following your request. Everything being done over the Internet, you will need your e-mail address to make contact. The service will also inform you concerning the validity of your travel permit.

This Canada e-visa along with your passport is all you will need to take full advantage of your passage through this country.

A short stay in Canada

o The language One of the main disincentives for holidaymakers when traveling from one continent to another would appear to be language. Even if Canada is a metropolitan country, you won't need to be a polyglot for your trip to go well. If French is your national language and you know a little English, you won't get lost. Incidentally, if you visit Quebec City, you should be aware the language spoken there is French. You will easily understand menus and traffic regulations, as well as signs and signage.

o Entertainment in Canada: there is no way you will get bored.

There is something for everyone: nature lovers, sports followers and even those who just want to spend a few restful days. Today, tourism in Canada is becoming a major activity. Even businessmen are choosing this country to develop their businesses. To name just Parliament Hill, Jasper National Park and Niagara Falls, you will be enthralled. You may also take the opportunity to taste some Canadian, gastronomic specialities.

Otherwise, take a little excursion to the shopping malls where you can buy gifts for your loved ones before going home. What if you have a yearning to return? All the better, because your ETA is valid on Canadian soil for two years, a length of time more or less long enough to dicover all the country's facets.