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Time difference in Canada in major cities.

In Canada, Time Zones and Daylight-Saving Time usually have been regulated by provincial and territorial governments. Canada extends over almost 90 degrees of longitude and now spans 6 out of the world's 24 time zones.

These six time zones cover Canada from east to west and are correspond to: Newfoundland Time, Atlantic Time, Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time and Pacific Time. Time zones Some provinces and territories may span two time zones.

The westernmost time zone is Pacific Standard Time, which is 8 hours less than the World's Time Standard, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and 7 hours less for Daylight Saving Time. The time zone at the far east, called Newfoundland Time, is 4 hours 30 minutes ahead of Pacific Time.

Daylight Saving Time is effective across Canada (except Saskatchewan) from the first Sunday in April (watches and clocks are brought forward by one hour) to Daylight Saving Time, and reverts to Standard Time on the last Sunday of October. So almost all Canadians will wind back their watches at 2:00 am on the night of October 31st to November 1st. Saskatchewan does not use Daylight Saving Time, it stays at Standard Time all year round.

Time in Canada NRC's atomic clocks transmit Canada's official time.

The time on the screen of your computer or mobile device is derived from the official time and has been corrected to account for delays due to network time. If the offset is large (thousands of seconds), you must make sure that the computer's date, time zone, or daylight-saving time settings are correct. You can adjust the device's clock manually or automatically with the help of Network Time Synchronization Protocol (NTP).

The time is not the same depending on the cities and the different regions of Canada, here is the local time for Canada's main cities:


  • Time in Vancouver (British Columbia) (UTC-8)

  • Time in Whitehorse (Yukon) (UTC-8)

  • Time in Victoria (UTC-8)

  • Time in Whistler (UTC-8)

  • Time in Kelowna (UTC-8)

  • Time in Prince George (UTC-8)

  • Time in Kamloops (UTC-8)

  • Time in Nanaimo (UTC-8)

  • Time in Courtenay (UTC-8)

  • Time in Terrace (UTC-8)

  • Time in Prince Rupert (UTC-8)

  • Time in Campbell River (UTC-8)

  • Time in Penticton (UTC-8)

  • Time in Salmon Arm (UTC-8)

  • Time in Williams Lake (UTC-8)

  • Time in Quesnel (UTC-8)

  • Time in Dawson City (UTC-8)


  • Time in Calgary (UTC-7)

  • Time in Fort Nelson (UTC-7)

  • Time in Yellowknife (Northwest Territory) (UTC-7)

  • Time in Banff (National Park) (UTC-7)

  • Time in Edmonton (UTC-7)

  • Time in Fort McMurray (UTC-7)

  • Time in Grande Prairie (UTC-7)

  • Time in Lethbridge (UTC-7)

  • Time in Medicine Hat (UTC-7)

  • Time in Red Deer (UTC-7)

  • Time in Cranbrook (UTC -7)

  • Time in Canmore (UTC-7)

  • Time in Lloydminster (UTC-7)

  • Time in Cold Lake (UTC-7)

  • Time in Kugluktuk (UTC-7)

  • Time in Gjoa Haven (UTC-7)

  • Time in Inuv ik (UTC-7)

  • Time in Norman Wells (UTC-7)

  • Time in Jasper National Park (UTC-7)

  • Time in Glacier National Park (UTC-7)

  • Time in Fort St. John (UTC-7)


  • Time in Winnipeg (Manitoba) (UTC-6)

  • Time in Resolute (Nunavut) (UTC-6)

  • Time in Churchill (UTC-6)

  • Time in Rankin Inlet (UTC-6)

  • Time in Thompson (UTC -6)

  • Time in Brandon (UTC-6)

  • Time in Red Lake (UTC-6)

  • Time in Dryden (UTC-6)

  • Time in Flin Flon (UTC-6)

  • Time in Prince Albert (Saskatchewan) (UTC-6)

  • Time in Regina (UTC-6)

  • Time in Saskatoon (UTC-6)

  • Time in North Battleford (UTC-6)

  • Time in Swift Current (UTC-6)

  • Time in Yorkton (UTC-6)


  • Time in Quebec (UTC-5)

  • Time in Toronto, Ontario (UTC-5)

  • Time in Ottawa (UTC-5)