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Find out your admissibility - To know for travelling to Canada

Since August 2015, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) has been compulsory for travelling to Canada as a foreign visitor for whom a visa is not necessary. This requirement is not applicable to Americans and visitors who are in possession of a valid visa.

The majority of travellers are required to present a document permitting them entry into Canada such as the ETA or a valid visa in order to be able to travel to Canada. This depends on your citizenship:

The Requirements:

In order to travel to Canada, it is compulsory:
  • To be in possession of a valid travel document, such as a passport
  • To be in a good state of general health
  • Not to have a criminal record or one with a direct link to immigration
  • To prove to an immigration officer that your return is intended, namely by having strong links, such as family, financial matters or a job
  • To prove that this return is intended at the end of your visit to Canada
  • To be in possession of sufficient money for the duration of the stay, in relation to the area visited

You should therefore be in possession of:
  • A valid medical certificate
  • A letter of invitation from a Canadian resident

Electronic travel authorisation
Since August 2015, citizens aimed at by this ETA are required to apply for it in order to travel there by air.

An ETA is valid for five years and is directly linked to your passport.

An ETA application is applied for online, easily, quickly and at little cost. An ETA is delivered very quickly after the application is made.

However, you must give a little planning to your application, and in particular be in possession of a valid visa. An ETA is not necessary for American citizens.

A visa forms part of your passport that enables you to enter Canadian territory.

There are two types of visa:
  • The entry visa that authorises a single entry. After leaving Canada, it will be necessary to re-apply for a visa to be able to return.
  • The multiple entry visa allows you to enter Canada several times during a 6-month period. This visa is valid up to 10 years.

How to find out if you need a visa

The immigration office does not consider certain documents to be valid:
  • Passports issued by Somalia
  • Passports issued by the Czech Republic, as they are not viewable by the machine
  • Temporary passports supplied by South Africa
  • Temporary passports supplied by Venezuela

For Canadian residents:

You will need to present your Canadian residency card on your return to Canada on board a commercial vehicle. On board a private vehicle, you will be able to present other documents. Remember to check the expiry date of your Canadian residency card in order to be able to return without obstruction.

Illegal participation in criminal activities strictly prohibits you from travelling to Canada. The same applies to health or financial problems.