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After you apply: Next steps

What to do after completing an eTA application form?

Generally, your application will be validated within a few minutes of completion. Some applications may require additional time for processing. The procedure will be sent to you by email.

In case of a change of email address, you will need to inform the visa office, to ensure the continuation of your application process.

I have received my Canadian eTA

You will be alerted by email when your eTA application has been accepted. Your eTA is directly linked to the passport that you used for your application. Consequently, it will be mandatory to present this passport, for air travel in particular.

An eTA allows an authorised visit to Canada for up to 6 months. You will need to apply to extend your travel authorisation if you wish to stay longer in Canada.

An eTA can be used for five years after the application was accepted, as long as the passport linked to the application is still valid.

The visa office reserves the right to request the following documents in order to validate your entry into Canada:

A medical examination
Permission to travel to Canada sometimes requires a medical examination to be carried out, to confirm validity.

Criminal record check
It is sometimes necessary to present a police certificate for you and members of your family, over the age of 18, who will be travelling with you to Canada. The visa office will inform you if a police certificate is required or not.

If a visa agent considers an interview to be necessary, the visa office will promptly brief you of the date and place that the interview will be held. However, very few decisions are made with an interview, they are very rare.

Return of your documents

Official documents will be returned to you once all necessary checks have been completed.

However, note that original bank statements are retained and will not be returned by the visa office.

In addition, any fraudulent documents submitted will also be retained by the visa office.

Application approved

Once your application has been approved, you will find the visa stamped on the inside of your passport.

Application denied

In case of refusal, you will receive a breakdown of the reason for refusal.

Change of address

You are obliged to notify the visa office of a change of address, telephone number or any other contact details.

After receiving your visa

The travel permit, along with a valid visitors visa, are not enough to ensure your entry into Canada. A border service agent reserves the right to declare you inadmissible due to the following reasons:
  • There has been a major change to your file
  • New information about you has been acquired