Visit the City of Vancouver


The city of Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada. It is situated in an incredible place surrounded by beautiful nature and unlike many other places in Canada, the climate is milder. There is more than one reason why would like to visit the city of Vancouver. We will use this article as a city guide for all those people who are planning on visiting Vancouver and enjoy some of the many activities that they can do there.


Check some of the attractions

According to many experienced travelers, one of the best things about Vancouver are its natural attractions – the spectacular ocean views, high mountains, amazing vistas and clean beaches. If you want to witness a memorable panoramic view visit the Harbour Centre. In addition, you can hike to Grouse Mountain. Another attraction in this city is the Capilano Suspension Bridge that stands high above the river.


Enjoy a unique dining experience

Visiting Vancouver without trying some of the food that this city has to offer would be a huge mistake. Vancouver has some of the best places where you can try original Canadian food. Without any doubt, when it comes to gastronomy, Vancouverites are true experts.

According to the latest statistics, Vancouver is a city that has the highest number of restaurants in Canada. If you are looking for healthy food choices you won’t be disappointed. The best menu you can get is the one that includes healthy, traditional Canadian dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the many restaurants in this city that have patios with stunning views.


Explore the architecture of the city

If you take a closer look at the skyline of this city, you will notice that there are many different structures in it. Even though Vancouver is not a very old city, it has a few interesting buildings that deserve your attention. For instance, the Library Square was built when Vancouver was still a small town. This is the main branch of the popular Vancouver Public Library system. What is interesting about it is the fact that it is designed as a circle surrounded by a square. Many people compare it to the Coliseum in Rome.

Another interesting structure that represents the architecture of Vancouver is Canada Place. This is a convention center and a cruise ship terminal. The best part about it is the amazing roof which resembles unfurled sails.

Shopping in Vancouver

Vancouver consists of many interesting neighborhoods and the majority of them have attractive shopping areas. Of course, the downtown area is the area that every traveler should visit. Keep in mind that things are more expensive there. Robson Street is a major high-end shopping area. If you are looking for upscale salons, check Yaletown. Those interested in souvenirs can’t go wrong by visiting Canada. Finally, did you know that Vancouver is the home of the second largest Chinatown in N. America right after New York City? This is one of the best places for shopping and sightseeing too.

If you are looking for accommodation in Vancouver, it might be a good idea to visit TripAdvisor.