Visa Canada

Visa Canada, yes, but for whom?

Before flying to Canada, it is appropriate to make specific formalities Canada: in fact, besides the passport and Visa Canada, you must demand your ETA Canada is the electronic travel authorization. It is mandatory to enter the Canadian territory you whether traveling on a trip for business or tourism.

eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorization)

1) How does it work?

ETA is a form that is easily accessible and wonders in just minutes from home. Simply fill in the dates of your travel information on your marital status on the form and send them electronically to Canadian immigration authorities. Within days or even hours depending on the time, you will receive an official document that you must print and present to the Canadian authorities at the airport.

2) Who is affected?

All foreign travelers to Canada or whose flight transit through Canada. The only persons excepted by this formality are US citizens and travelers who have a Canadian visa valid. Until September 29, 2016, all travelers who do not have electronic travel authorization able to board the plane, on the condition of having official travel documents (passport, identity card, visa, etc.).

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3) What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining ETA Canada?

To obtain official permission, you must meet certain requirements and have identity documents: passport, report being in good health (a medical certificate can work in your favor) not have been convicted of any criminal activity or an offense in connection with the immigration authorities, submit a return flight biller to your country after your trip, having enough money to ensure your stay (accommodation, visits, etc).

These elements are in place to restrict illegal immigration and prevent travelers from becoming the end of their visa for illegal immigrants and to make sure you represent a danger to the country’s safety point of view.

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4) Is the ETA replace official identity papers?

To travel to Canada, the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) will replace the need your VISA (or E visa): this is a complementary document to the success of your trip. It is necessary to enter the territory and to be in compliance with the standards set by the government.

For your Canada ETA, do not wait the last minute because even if the response times are relatively short, they can fluctuate according to annual periods: It is advisable to make your request once you have your airline ticket as well as VISA. simply go online to make your request and wait for the official response from the immigration services. Once received, print two copies (a relief for loss) and place with other identity documents.